Mardi Gras: Performance, Narratives, and History

  Ancelet, Lipsitz, and DeWulf are intent on illustrating how the modern-day Mardi Gras has more than an inconsequential, indirect connection to the past. While Ancelet explicitly states that the symbols used in modern carnival--whips, in his case--could not be inspired by anything else but the past, both Lipsitz and DeWulf provide ample suggestive evidence... Continue Reading →

A Good Toil: A reflection on the process of building a digital project

The digital project assignment gave me hours and hours of enjoyment and enhanced my skills as both a public historian and user of technology. I had signed up for the class initially because it was practically the only thing I could take, yes, but I was excited because I knew I would likely finally understand... Continue Reading →

The Two Koreas: An evaluation of a Story Map

Esri StoryMaps’ “The Two Koreas” is a graphics- and text-heavy (relative to the traditional map designed by ArcGIS-type software) piece of, dare I say art, that peeks beyond the aggressive words of President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to see the history behind the political, economic, and cultural divides separating North and South Korea.... Continue Reading →

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